J.B. Hill embodies the American Fashion
Tradition of Handmade Western Boots.

When it comes to style, J.B. Hill's cutting edge designs balance modern fashion with uncompromising respect for traditional American Cowboy Boots. Many boot aficionados consider the J.B. Hill boot a work of art. J.B. Hill custom cowboy boots are handmade by a highly skilled team of bootmakers referred to as “maestros”. These bootmakers are second and third generation craftsman who learned their trade from their fathers and grandfathers before them.

Only the finest leathers and exotic skins are selected for J.B. Hill custom cowboy boots. These signature skins and leathers, with their superb tannage, and world-class finishes, combined with the best findings (insoles, outsoles, heels, cement, shanks, and thread) available anywhere, assure the wearer of many years of comfort and long-lasting beauty.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you take the time to browse through our J.B. Hill Catalog. Learn more about our handmade boots, and view our style information. If you would like to discuss your boot interest with us please feel free to contact our customer service.

At the J.B. Hill Boot Company, we are dedicated to hand-making the finest custom western boots in the world, and providing excellent customer service.

J. B. Hill - World's Finest Handmade,
Custom Cowboy Boots for Men and Women